How to batch convert PCT to JPEG

People often have a batch of pictures to convert their format, such as the title, batch convert PCT to JPEG, so an efficient tool is needed for this job. BatchPics is such a software like this. BatchPics supports more than 100 image file formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc., and it can convert batch of pictures’ format at one time. With BatchPics’s support, users only need 4 following steps to get a batch convert PCT to JPEG job done.

Step 1: Download and install BatchPics.

Step 2:Run BatchPics. Press down the Add Pictures button in Wizard Steps zone, then press Add Picture(s) button, you can see a dialog box from there you need to browser your storage space to find your desired PCT format pictures (pictures should be in the same folder). Select the pictures by holding the Ctrl key and pressing the left mouse button on top of each one. Also you can select all the pictures from the folder by pressing at the same time the Ctrl + A keys.

 batch convert format: choose pictures

Step 3: Press down the Setup button in Wizard Steps zone. By default, BatchPics will keep the original format of the pictures. You should select JPEG format from the Output Format combo-box. However, JPEG will be the default for some formats that are not supported. For applying other pictures’ saving options please check relating check box.

 batch convert format: choose format

Step 4: Press the Process button in Wizard Steps zone, then the PCT pictures you have chosen will be converted to JPEG ones automatically. This is the main process to batch convert PCT to JPEG. For other file saving options, please check the corresponding check box (detailed information please refer to Setup topic in User Interface catalog).

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